Climate change has triggered fundamental modifications of marine biotopes in the Arctic Ocean (AO). The decrease in the extent of the ice pack during summer has led to a 20% increase in pan-Arctic primary production (PP) over the last decade. Phytoplankton blooms now occur earlier in several parts of the AO. In other parts, the structure of the phytoplankton community is shifting toward smaller species, typical of more oligotrophic conditions and some species found in warmer waters now migrate into the Arctic Ocean. Phytoplankton grow in the top tens of meters of both ice-free and ice-covered waters. The phytoplankton spring bloom (PSB) that develops at the ice-edge accounts for >50% of annual primary production in the AO and is generally associated with both large energy transfer to higher trophic levels and export of carbon to the bottom. In turn, the culture, health and economic capacity building of Northerners are closely associated with marine resources supported by the PSB. The Arctic PSB develops in the seasonally-covered ice zone (SIZ), the extent of which is expected to increase significantly during the next years, possibly over the whole AO as early as in 2030. How the PSB will evolve in this context is currently unknown.



Name Lab. Status Topics
Babin M. CNRS/U.Laval-UMI Takuvik DR Remote sensing of ocean colour, ecophysiology of phytoplankton
Claustre H. CNRS/UPMC/LOV DR Marine Bio-optics
Vaulot D. SBR DR Picophytoplankton ecology
Houssais M.-N. CNRS/UPMC/LOCEAN DR Physical oceanography
Mémery L. LEMAR DR Physical-biological coupled modelling
Sempéré R. MIO DR Marine organic chemistry
Joux F. LOMIC MCU Bacterioplankton ecology
Giraudeau J. EPOC DR Marine micropaleontology
Le Fouest V. LIENSs MCU Physical-biological coupled modelling
Therrien M. INALCO Pr. Emeritus Ethnology, inuit language and culture
Dumont D. ISMER/UQAR Pr. Physical oceanography and numerical ocean modeling
Mundy C.J. U. Manitoba Pr. Radiative transfer
Ehn J. U. Manitoba Pr. Radiative transfer
De Vernal A. Geotop Pr. Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography
Else B. U. Calgary Pr. Chemistry of marine environments
Davidson F.. Dept. of Fisheries and Ocean Researcher Physical oceanography
Poulin M. Canadian museum of Nature Researcher Taxonomy of diatoms
Fortier L. CNRS/U.Laval-UMI Takuvik Pr. Marine carbon fluxes and zooplankton
Stemmann L. CNRS/UPMC/LOV MCU Pelagic ecology and particulate vertical export
Devred E. CNRS/U.Laval-UMI Takuvik IR Remote sensing of ocean colour
Belanger S. ISMER/UQAR Pr. Remote sensing of ocean colour
Massé G. CNRS/U.Laval-UMI Takuvik DR Paleoceanography
Sansoulet J. CNRS/U.Laval-UMI Takuvik IR Coordination, education, communication and food security



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