Oligotrophy to UlTra-oligotrophy PACific Experiment

We are pleased to provide open access to the OUTPACE data. We nevertheless request that the following points be considered:

  • Any use of the data in publication should be acknowledged as follows : " OUTPACE dataset is managed by CNRS(1)-INSU(2)"
  • The dataset should be cited, at least, with the cover DOI of the cruise
  • Most of the OUTPACE data have already been published in a special issue. Please, look at the special issue to obtain the references and to cite the papers. (Biogeoscience special issue)
  • The reference of any publication related to the (even partial) use of the OUTPACE data should be sent when published to the email adress

(1) CNRS : Centre National de Recherche Scientifique
(2) INSU : Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers

Thank you for your comprehension towards these requests. Your willingness to take them into consideration will be helpful for receiving further funds and should allow for new data to become accessible to the community.




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