Marine Ecosystem Biodiversity and Dynamics of Carbon around Kerguelen: an integrated view

Name Presentation File
B. Queguiner Agenda docx File
B. Queguiner Introduction PDF File
I. Obernosterer Introduction PDF File
Name Presentation File
S. Blain Seasonal context and water mass regimes at the MOBYDICK stations PDF File
F. Planchon Vertical dynamics of particulate organic carbon as deduced from 234Th and stable isotopic composition of organic C and N distributions PDF File
L. Guidi Particle distribution and C export estimates by UVP PDF File
C. Shan Size spectrum distributions related to physical features PDF File
Y. Zhu Understanding biological processes from variations in the vertical distributions of size spectra PDF File
M. Remize Poly-unsaturated fatty acids composition of suspended particulate organic matter: a comparative study in the Kerguelen region PDF File


Name Presentation File
U. Christaki Microbial carbon cycling during late summer in the Kerguelen area (Southern Ocean), comparison with spring and early summer dynamics PDF File
E. Hernandez Microbial diversity and activity in contrasted ecosystems in the Southern Ocean (Kerguelen region) PDF File
P. Debeljak First in depth analysis of metagenome assembled genomes and their functional profiles from surface waters around Kerguelen Island PDF File


Name Presentation File
I. Skouroliakou Diversity and biomass of the microplankton during MOBYDICK, comparisons with KEOPS data PDF File
S. Irion Pico- and nanoplankton: Importance throughout the bloom, diversity and carbon uptake during late summer PDF File
J. Legras Siliceous and calcifying microplankton community structure PDF File
A. Lafond Surface diatom community structure, biomass and physiology PDF File
K. Leblanc Bottlenet data - Deep stocks and diversity PDF File
I. Sassenhagen Microplankton and parasitic marine alveolate communities during late phytoplankton blooms in the Kerguelen area (Southern Ocean) PDF File


Name Presentation File
M. Zhou Understanding trophic dynamics from LISST-LOPC biomass size spectra PDF File
A. Delegrange Zooplankton diversity and grazing pressure on natural prey assemblages PDF File
E. Pakhomov Distribution, abundance and population demographics of Salpa thompsoni on the Kerguelen Plateau PDF File
A. Berne Vertical distribution, migration and discrimination of micronekton through acoustic data PDF File
C. Cotte Diversity of micronekton and macrozooplankton and their diurnal cycle PDF File
B. Hunt Trophic pathways and transfer efficiency from phytoplankton to micronekton under contrasting productivity regimes in the Kerguelen Islands region, Southern Ocean PDF File
C. Peron Bird and marine mammal density as an index of predation by top predators PDF File
C. Peron Inventory of benthic and demersal fauna on Kerguelen shelf (in the M2 area) during Poker 4 cruise, September 2017 PDF File


Name Presentation File
B. Queguiner and I. Obernosterer Project implementation PDF File
C. Schmechtig Data PDF File





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