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KEOPS post cruise meeting - OS

21-25   February   2006        Honolulu       USA

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1) Natural Iron Fertilization in the Southern Ocean: Overview of the Results from KEOPS (KErguelen Ocean and Plateau compared Study).

S téphane blain , Bernard Quéguiner, Catherine Jeandel, Nicolas Metzl, KEOPS-OISO team


2) Phytoplankton Responses Within and Peripheral to the Naturally Iron-Fertilized Kerguelen. Region.

Leanne K Armand , Véronique Barthaux, Bernard Quéguiner


3) Iron-induced Changes in Austral Ocean DMS Biogeochemistry

Sauveur Belviso, Laurent Bopp, Olivier Aumont


4) Sinking Particle Properties Determined From Image Analysis of Polyacrylamide Gels Deployed in Drifting Sediment Traps During KEOPS: Implications for Ecosystem Controls on Carbon Export in the Presence of Persistent Natural Iron Inputs

Friederike Ebersbach, Tom Trull, Clodagh Moy


5) Photosynthetic Parameters, Size-Fractionated Chlorophyll and Primary Production During the KEOPS Expedition East of Kerguelen Island January-February 2005

Brian Griffiths, Julia Uitz


6) Mesopelagic C mineralization under natural and Fe-amended conditions

Stéphanie H.M. Jacquet, Damien Cardinal, Nicolas Savoye, Frank dehairs


7) The Biogenic Silica Cycle During Austral Summer in the Southern Ocean: Contrast Between Naturally Fe-Enriched and HNLC Waters South of Kerguelen Islands.

Julie Mosseri, Bernard Quéguiner, Leanne Armand,Véronique Cornet-Barthaux, Nicole Garcia Patrick Raimbault, Valérie Sandroni


8) Natural Iron Fertilization Above the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean): Impact on the Microbial Food Web

Ingrid Obernosterer, Urania Christaki, Dominique Lefevre, Andrea Malits, France Van Wambeke, Markus Weinbauer


9) Internal Tides and Mixing over the Kerguelen Plateau in Relation to the Vertical Iron Transfer and Primary Productivity

Young-Hyang Park, Isabelle Durand, Jean-Luc Fuda


10) Impact of Iron Availability on Biogenic Silica Production From two Contrasting Regions of the Southern Ocean (KEOPS Program).

Bernard Quéguiner Julie Mosseri


11) Evidence of Iron Fertilisation of the Water Column Above the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean).

Geraldine Sarthou, Stephane blain, Patrick Llaan


12) Radium isotopes and dissolved barium to investigate the water mass pathways on the Kerguelen plateau (KEOPS project)

Pieter van Beek, Stéphanie H.M. Jacquet, Frank Dehairs, J-L. Reyss, J. Thévenet, Marc Souhaut, Catherine Jeandel


13) 230 Th and 231 Pa: tracers of water masses and export fluxes in the wake of Kerguelen

Celia Venchiarutti, Catherine Jeandel, Matthieu Roy-Barman, Catherine Pradoux , Pieter van Beek, Marc Souhaut


14) Satellite Observations Compared to Ship Borne Fluorescence and Chlorophyll a Measurements near the Isles Kerguelen (Southern Ocean)

Merijn Sligting, Hein de Baar, Klaas Timmermans, Marcel Veldhuis, Marcel Wernand, Hans van der Woerd


15) The Balance Between Autotrophic And Heterotrophic Processes During a Phytoplankton Bloom Induced By Natural Fertilisation Above The Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean).

Dominique Lefevre , Catherine Guigue, Ingrid Obernosterer


16) A Specific Bio-optical Primary Production Model Tuned to the Kerguelen Iron-Enriched Region

Julia Uitz, Hervé Claustre, Brian Griffiths, Joséphine Ras


17) 234 Th-based export production during the KEOPS natural iron fertilization

Savoye Nicolas, Trull W. Thomas, Jacquet Stephanie, Dehairs Frank

18) Is Kerguelen's Desert a Significant Source of Dissolved Iron to the Downwind Surface Ocean?

Francois Dulac, Remi Losno, Gilles Bergametti, Sylvain Triquet, Thibaut Wagener, Cecile Guieu, Marc Lebouvier


19) Mesozooplankton size structure and biomass above the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean) during KEOPS: first results on two contrasted areas.

Francois Carlotti, Delphine Botha , Dominique Lefevre , Antoine Nowaczyk, Marie Laure Clement, Dorothée Vincent


20) Atmospheric iron in low dust deposition area

Thibaut wagener, Rémi losno, C. Guieu, Sophie Bonnet



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