KEOPS : KErguelen :compared study of the Ocean and the Plateau in Surface water
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General context

General Objectives
    The Southern Ocean and oceanic CO2 pump
  A natural laboratory in the Southern Ocean: the Kerguelen plateau

    Objective 1
  Objective 2
  Objective 3
KEOPS in the national context
International co-operations /
KEOPS and the international research programs
    References cited

General Objectives


The general objective of KEOPS is to improve our understanding of the response of the Southern Ocean to the global climate change. Particularly, KEOPS will study the effect of natural iron fertilisation of the ocean by the Kerguelen plateau on the biological pump of CO2 and on the cycles of other chemical compounds relevant for climate. Figure xx summarises the approaches that will be used to investigate the biogeochemical cycles. The following sections present in detail the different specific objectives and the related scientific questions.

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