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Boyd, P., T. Jickells, C. Law, S. Blain et al. A synthesis of mesoscale iron-enrichment experiments 1993-2005: key findings and implications for ocean biogeochemistry Science published
Blain, S., B. QuŽguiner, L. Armand, S. Belviso, B. Bombled, L. Bopp, A. Bowie, C. Brunet, K. Brussaard, F. Carlotti, U. Christaki, A. Corbire, I. Durand, F. Ebersbach, J. L. Fuda, N. Garcia, L. J. A. Gerringa, F. B. Griffiths, C. Guigue, C. Guillerm, S. Jacquet, C. Jeandel, P. Laan, D. Lefvre, C. Lomonaco, A. Malits, J. Mosseri, I. Obernosterer, Y. H. Park, M. Picheral, P. Pondaven, T. Remenyi, V. Sandroni, G. Sarthou, N. Savoye, L. Scouarnec, M. Souhault, D. Thuillers, K. R. Timmermans, T. Trull, J. Uitz, P. Van-Beek, M. J. W. Veldhuis, D. Vincent, E. Viollier, L. Vong, and T. Wagener , Effect of natural iron fertilisation on carbon sequestration in the Southern Ocean Nature published
Cornet-Barthaux V. L. Armand, B. QuŽguiner. Biovolume and biomass measurements of Key Ocean diatoms Aquatic Microbial Ecology in revision
Ebersbach, F., T. Trull Sinking particle properties from polyacrylamide gels during KEOPS: É Limnology and Oceanography in revision
Vong L, Blain S. Laes A. a new method for the determination of iron-porphyrin like complexes at nanomolar levels in seawater Analytica Chimica Acta published
Guidi, L., Picheral, M. L., Stemmann, L. and G. Gorsky Vertical stratification of the large particulate matter on the Kerguelen plateau (southern Indian Ocean). in prep  
Uitz, J., Claustre, H., N. Garcia, Griffiths, B. , Ras J., V. Sandroni A phyoplankton class-speciifc primary production model applied to the Kerguelen islands region 5Southern Ocean). in prep  
Viollier E, Rabouille C., Sarthou G., Lacan F., Reyss J.L., Armand L., Gerringa L. Bombled, S. Blain in prep  
Bowie A. and others Total and size-fractionated particulate trace metal concentrations during the KEOPS program in prep  
Bowie A. and others Estimation of Fe export from 234Th and drifting sediment trap observations during the KEOPS program in prep  
Bourquin M., van Beek P., Reyss J-L., Souhaut M., Charette M. Testing methods to separate radium from large volumes of seawater Marine Chemistry submitted
Venchiarutti C, et al. 230Th and 231Pa: tracers of water masses and export fluxes in the wake of Kerguelen in prep  
Wagener, T., C. Guieu, R. Losno, S. Bonnet, N. Mahowald Revisiting Atmospheric dust export to the South Hemisphere Ocean Global biogeochemical cycles submitted
Dulac F. et al. Is KerguelenÕs desert a significant atmospheric source of dissolved iron? in prep  
West N., I. Obernosterer I and P. Lebaron Major differences of bacterial diversity and activity between a HNLC region and a naturally iron fertilized bloom in the Southern Ocean Environmental Microbiology submitted
Obernosterer et al. Contribution of major bacterial groups in carbon cycling in two contrasting environments in the Southern Ocean Aquatic Microbial Ecology in prep