An international GEOTRACES study along the OVIDE section in the North Atlantic and Labrador Sea

Publications hereafter will be (or have been) submitted to the Biogeosciences special issue. There are available on this site for at least 2 weeks before submission so that people from the GEOVIDE group could comment or suggest cross-referencing with their own work. Those manuscripts shall not be distributed. The dead line for submission is 18 September 2017.

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Authors Title Submission
Sarthou, Lherminier and the GEOVIDE participants General introduction of the GEOVIDE project and special issue
Garcia-Ibanez, M.I., Pérez, F.F., Lherminier, P., Zunino, P., Treguer, P. Water mass distributions and transports for the 2014GEOVIDE cruise in the North Atlantic 25/08/2017
Patricia Zunino, Pascale Lherminier, Herlé Mercier, Natalie Daniault, Maria Isabel Garcia-Ibanez, Fiz F. Perez The GEOVIDE cruise in May-June 2014 revealed an intense MOC over a cold and fresh subpolar North Atlantic 23/06/2017
Nadine Tisnérat-Laborde, Caroline Gauthier, Anne Mouchet, Lorna Foliot, Maribel Isabel Garcia-Ibanez Lidia Isabel Carracedo, Fernando Alonso-Pérez, Fiz Fernández Pérez, Géraldine Sarthou, Pascale Lherminier Variation of Radiocarbon in the water column of the North Atlantic Ocean over the last 50 years
F. Deng, G. Henderson, and M. Castrillejo Assessing the uses of 231Pa, 230Th and 232Th as proxies in the North Atlantic along the GEOVIDE transect
Maxi Castrillejo, Pere Masqué, Jordi Garcia-Orellana, Núria Casacuberta, Marcus Christl, Christof Vockenhuber, Hans-Arno Synal Artificial radionuclides along the GEOVIDE transect
Shelley R. U., Landing W. M., Ussher S. J., Planquette H.F. and Sarthou G. Characterisation of aerosol provenance from the fractional solubility of Fe (Al, Ti, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb) in North Atlantic aerosols (GEOTRACES cruises GA01 and GA03)) 06/09/2017
Emilie Le Roy, Virginie Sanial, Matthew A. Charette, Pieter van Beek, François Lacan, Stéphanie H.M. Jacquet, Paul B. Henderson, Marc Souhaut, Maribel I. García-Ibánez, Catherine Jeandel, Fiz F. Pérez Study of the Ra-226 and barium relationship along the GA01-GEOTRACES section in the North Atlantic 21/07/2017
Emilie Le Roy, Virginie Sanial, Marc Souhaut, François Lacan, Pieter van Beek, Montserrat Roca-Martí, Maxi Castrillejo, Pere Masqué, Géraldine Sarthou Beryllium-7 in the North Atlantic (GA01-GEOTRACES)
Tonnard M., Planquette H., Bowie A., van der Merwe P., Gallinari M., Desprez de Gesincourt F., Germain Y., Gourain A., Benetti M., Reverdin G., Treguer P., Boutorh J., Cheize M., Menzel-Barraqueta J.L., Pereira-Contreira L., Shelley R., Lherminier P., Sarthou G. Dissolved iron in the North Atlantic Ocean and Labrador Sea along the GEOVIDE section (GEOTRACES section GA01) 07/02/2018
Planquette, Sarthou, Gallinari, Deprez de Gesincourt, Germain, Boutorh, Cheize, Contreira, Menzel, Shelley, and Lherminier Dissolved trace metal distribution in the North Atlantic Ocean and Labrador Sea along the GEOVIDE section
A. Gourain, H. Planquette, M. Cheize, J.L. Menzel, J. Boutorh, R. Shelley, L. Pereira Contreira, N. Lemaitre, F. Lacan, P. Lherminier and G. Sarthou Particulate trace metals along the GEOVIDE section
J-L Menzel Barraqueta, C. Schlosser, H. Planquette, A. Gourain, M. Cheize, J. Boutorh, R. Shelley, L. Contreira, M. Gledhill, M. Hopwood, P. Lherminier, G. Sarthou and E. Achterberg Aluminium in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Labrador Sea (GEOTRACES GA01 section): roles of continental inputs and biogenic particle removal 16/01/2018
C. Zurbrick, E. Boyle, R. Kayser, M. Reuer, J. Wu, H. Planquette, R. Shelley, J. Boutorh, M. Cheize, L. Contreira, J. L. Menzel, and G. Sarthou Dissolved Pb and Pb isotopes in the North Atlantic from the GEOVIDE transect (GEOTRACES GA-01) and their decadal evolution 16/01/2018
Cossa, D., L.-E. Heimburger, F. F. Pérez, M.I. García-Ibánez, J. Sonke, H. Planquette, P. Lherminier, G. Sarthou Mercury distribution and transport in the North Atlantic Ocean along the Geotraces-GA01 transect 30/08/2017
Nolwenn Lemaitre, Frédéric Planchon, Hélène Planquette, Frank Dehairs, Debany Fonseca Batista, Arnout Roukaerts, Florian Deman, Yi Tang, Clarisse Mariez, Géraldine Sarthou High variability of export fluxes along the North Atlantic GEOTRACES section GA01: Particulate organic carbon export deduced from the 234Th Method 20/04/2018
Nolwenn Lemaitre, Hélène Planquette, Frédéric Planchon, Géraldine Sarthou, Stéphanie Jacquet, Maribel I. García-Ibánez, Arthur Gourain, Marie Cheize, Laurence Monin, Luc André, Priya Laha, Herman Terryn and Frank Dehairs Particulate barium tracing significant mesopelagic carbon remineralisation in the North Atlantic 08/09/2017
Yi Tang, Gillian Stewart, Maxi Castrillejo, Munsta Roca Marti, Pere Masqué, Nolwenn Lemaitre, Frédéric Planchon, Hélène Planquette, Frank Dehairs The application of 210Po/210Pb pair as a POC export tracer





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