South West Indian Geotraces Section

Name Presentation File
T. Ryan-Keogh Phytoplankton community structure and the Nitrogen Cycle PPTX File
H. Berthelot Protist communities and primary production in the biogeochemical regions of the southern Indian Ocean PPTX File
S. Chowdhury Fronts Divide Diazotroph Communities in the Southern Indian Ocean PPTX File
L. Izard Modelling variability patterns of mid-trophic levels PDF File
A. Shiller How SWINGS informs our understanding of the global oceanic gallium distribution PDF File
M. Leon Radionuclides along the SWINGS section distribution PPTX File
C. Jeandel REE distribution along the latitudinal section la RĂ©union-Marion Islands PPTX File
B. Landing Aerosol chemistry and atmospheric fluxes of bio active trace elements PPTX File


Name Presentation File
F. Vivier A 15-minute (bottom) water fasting PPTX File
C. Baudet Resuspended sediments impact on Fe and Mn distributions PPTX File
H. Planquette Overview of dissolved and particulate trace elements along the SWINGS section PPTX File
R. Zhang Exploring links between microbial community composition and trace metal elements across water masses PPTX File
M. Goddard-Dwyer Biogeochemical cycling of humic substances across the SWINGS transect PPTX File
L. Benito POC export fluxes and associated export and transfer efficiencies PPTX File
E. Le Roy Barium excess as remineralization proxy in the Southern Ocean - Indian sector PPTX File
V. Deteix E. Cotard Silicon biogeochemical cycle during SWINGS using BSi, LSi and Si isotopes PPTX File


Name Presentation File
C. Baudet and M. Leon a hydrothermal story PPTX File
Break out group Marion Island effect PPTX File
Break out group End-member water mass analyses - OMPA PPTX File
Break out group Remineralization PPTX File



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