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The instrument that is installed is manufactured by the CIMEL company. This is an automatic scanning sun and sky photometer model CE-318-2, equipped with the wavelengths 440, 670, 870, and 1020 nm, plus 3 polarized channels at 870 nm. The procedures for data collection are as described at the AERONET Web site.

The sun photometer itself is the Automatic Sun Tracking Photometer CE-318 model constructed by Cimel Electronique. It has five standard filters for 440, 675, 870, 940, and 1,020nm and a polarized filter for 870nm. The instrument activates every 15min between 0200 and 1400, but the exact scheduling of which measurements are taken is preprogrammed by AERONET. The program comprises of basic direct sun measurements; triplet observation, standard measurement and Langley and, basic sky measurements; Langley sky, almucantar, polarization and principal plane. Further details are available from the AERONET Web site.
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