( 26-Aoû-2003 / cG)

Catherine Goyet
Roselyne Buscail,
Nadira Aït-Ameur
Franck Touratier
Jean-Louis Blazi

Laurent Mortier
Karine Béranger
Etudiant ENSTA

Annick Bricaud
Bernard Gentili
Claire Copin-Montégut
Jean-Claude Marty

Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-Mer (Laboratoire Arago) :
UMS 2348 (through its observation service)

Laurent Zudaire (CTD and ADCP)
Eric Maria (Chl a, O2, SPM)
Béatrice Rivière (Chloropigments, flow cytometry)

Jean Michel Amouroux (Dynamics of Ditrupa arietina)
Gustave Cauwet (DOM characterization)
François Charles (Dynamics of Ditrupa arietina)
Pascal Conan (Primary production)
Francis Debovée (Benthic chambers)
Antoine Grémare (POM characterization)
Katell Guizien-Kessler (Hydrodynamic submodel)
Fabien Joux (Microbiology)
François Lantoine (Chloropigments)
Philippe Lebaron (Microbiology)
Jean Jacques Naudin (Meteorology OOB)
Mireille Pujo-Pay (DOM characterization)

Philippe Fraunié (LSEET) will be associated to all the developments regarding the use of the hydrodynamic submodel in the Bay of Banyuls.

Nicole Batailler (Microbiology)
Martin Desmalades (Fauna,Biometry, Granulometry)
Louise Oriol (Nutrients)
Gilles Vétion (MOP characterization)


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