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 S. Speich ,MA. Sicre, F.Dehairs  

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B O N U S - G O O G H O P E : Research Plan & Calendar



Please , refer to the Bonus-GoodHope Website for INFORMATION project, scientists, news)


(from 03/2009) : Sabrina Speich (LPO UMR 6523, Brest, FR. & MA. Sicre & F. Dehairs

(2007- 02/2009) : Marie Boyé (LEMAR UMR6539, Brest, FR. & Sabrina Speich (LPO UMR 6523, Brest, FR.


Our general scientific approach to fulfil the objectives is based on the coupling of :

i) physical oceanography ; with

ii) the biogeochemistry, including nutritive trace metals (Fe, Co, Zn, Cu, Cd, and probably Mn), in the water-column, the atmosphere and the sediments ;

iii) the study of selected trace elements and isotopes, in the water-column and the sediments, that are tracers of lithogenic sources, of circulation, " ageing " and ventilation of water-masses, of biogeochemical processes, and that can be used to quantify the particulate export fluxes from the surface towards the deep waters ; and

iv) with the development of modellings that combine large and regional scales, idealized modelling, biogeochemical modelling, and simulations of trace elements and isotopes (Figure 1).

Figure 1- Scientific approach of the BONUS-GOODHOPE project






Indications of colors : green = LEG1 (large scale), purple = LEG2 (meso scale), blue = common to both LEGs.

Key-words: physics, Trace Elements and Isotopes, biogeochemistry, modelling, Southern Ocean, Agulhas System, International Polar Year, GEOTRACES, CASO, CLIVAR-SO.