You can also download a shorter version of my full résumé in english or in french, and an abridged résumé in English.


2010 —

Maître de Conférences (i.e. Associate Professor) in the Ocean Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer, in Southern France.

2009 — 2010

ATER (the acronym for “Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche”, a teaching and research position) in the Ocean Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

2008 — 2009

Post-Doc in the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Miami. Orientation behaviour of larval fish and consequences for dispersal. Advisor: Claire Paris.

2004 — 2008

PhD in the EPHE and University of Perpignan: Behavioural approach to larval dispersal in marine systems. Advisor: Serge Planes [Mention très honorable avec félicitations du jury ~ summa cum laude].

Thèse The Editions Universitaires Européennes were kind enough to publish it as a paperback book under the title “Behavioural approach to larval dispersal in the ocean — The journey of a coral reef fish larva”. It is a slightly improved and corrected version, still bilingual (introduction and conclusion in French, chapters in English), and available for purchase on or for example.

Thèse In addition, the older version, presented to the jury, as well as the slides of the defence, are available for download below, under a Creative Commons License.

Dissertation - Web: low resolution bitmap images [3.8M]
Dissertation - HQ: high resolution and vector images [24M]
Slides - Web: low resolution bitmap images [2.3M]
Slides - HQ: high resolution and vector images [15.9M]

2003 — 2004

“Agrégation” of Biology and Geology (recruitment examination for teachers) in the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI [Rank: 10/2500]

2002 — 2003

Second year of Master in Ecology, Paris VI, and third school year in the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) [Mean grades: 16/20]

  • Statistics and modelling (60h)
  • Ecosystem modelling (30h)
  • Population dynamics and evolution (30h)
  • Communities ecology and evolution (30h)
  • Advanced population genetics (30h)
  • Conservation biology (30h)
  • Internship (6 months) Strategies and trajectories of reef fish larvae optimizing self recruitment. Centre de Biologie et d’Écologie Tropicale et Méditerranéenne, UMR CNRS-EPHE 8046, Perpignan (master’s thesis [PDF], defense [PDF], and article in the Journal of Theoretical Biology [PDF])
2001 — 2002

First year of Master and second school year in the ENS [Mean grades: 15.22/20]

  • Quantitative Biology (40h)
  • Environment(40h)
  • Evolution (40h)
  • Systematics and Evolution (125h)
  • Multifactorial genetics (40h)
  • Evolutionary genetics (80h)
  • Internship (4 months) Coevolutionary cycles in prey-predator communities in the case of stationary population dynamics: a bifurcation analysis approach. Dipartimento di Eletronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano. I worked under the supervision of Sergio Rinaldi and Fabio Dercole (report [PDF], defense [PDF], article in SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics [PDF])
2000 — 2001

First school year in the ENS [Mean grades: 13.75/20]


Entry in the École Normale Supérieure [Rank: 14/22]

1998 — 2000

“Classe préparatoire” in Biology and Geology in the Lycée du Parc, Lyon


Scientific “Baccalauréat”, Aix-Marseille [Mean grades:15.4/20]

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Search me on Google Scholar, or use the direct link for each paper.

Journal articles

Peer-reviewed proceedings

  • Paris CB, Irisson J-O, Lacroix G, Fiksen O, Leis JM, Mullon C. Application 2: connectivity. In: Manual of Recommended Practices for Modelling Physical-Biological Interactions in Fish Early-Life History, North E, Gallego A, Petigas P (eds). ICES Cooperative Research Reports, Nº 295, 2009 [PDF]

  • Irisson J-O, Leis J M, Paris C B, Browman H. Larval behaviour and settlement. In: Manual of Recommended Practices for Modelling Physical-Biological Interactions in Fish Early-Life History, North E, Gallego A, Petigas P (eds). ICES Cooperative Research Reports, Nº 295, 2009 [PDF]

  • Paris CB, Guigand C, Irisson J-O, Fisher R, D’Allessandro E. Orientation with No Frame of Reference (OWNFOR): A novel system to observe and quantify orientation in reef fish larvae. Caribbean Connectivity: Implications for Marine Protected Area Management. Proceedings of a Special Symposium, 9-11 November 2006, 59th Annual Meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, Belize City, Belize, pp. 52-62, 2008 [PDF]

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Scientific presentations

  • Irisson, Paris, Cowen, Planes, 2009. Ontogenetic vertical “migration” in coral-reef fish larvae communities and its consequences for dispersal. Presentation, ASLO Meeting, Nice [Slides]

  • Irisson, Chérubin, de Lara, Planes, 2009. Comportement larvaire et autorecrutement: Une approche de modélisation. Presentation, Symposium GLOBEC France, Paris [Slides]

  • Irisson, Chérubin, de Lara, Planes, 2009. Consequences of increased mobility and quicker development in warmer waters on the dispersal trajectories of fish larvae. Poster, Symposium GLOBEC France, Paris [Poster]

  • Irisson, Paris, Chérubin, de Lara, Planes, 2008. The importance of behaviour for self-recruitment: a modelling approach. Presentation, International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, USA [Slides]

  • Irisson, Chérubin, Planes, 2008. Consequences of increased mobility and quicker development in warmer waters on the dispersal trajectories of fish larvae. Presentation, Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, USA. Outstanding Student Presentation Award [Slides]

  • Paris, Srinivasan, Chérubin, Cowen, Irisson, Planes, 2006. Influence of biophysical processes on coral reef fish population connectivity inferred by modelling. Poster, Workshop on advancements in modelling physical-biological interactions in fish early-life history: recommended practices and future directions (WKAMF), Nantes, France. [Full size poster]

  • Irisson, Paris, Guigand, Fisher, 2006. Orientation With No Frame of Reference (OWNFOR): An In Situ System to Detect and Measure Orientation in Pelagic Reef Fish Larvae. Poster, Ocean Science Meeting ‘06, Hawaii, USA. [Handouts, Poster]

  • Irisson, de Lara, Planes, 2005. Lagrangian or not lagrangian?. Presentation, Lagrangian Analysis and Prediction of Coastal and Ocean Dynamics (LAPCOD) meeting 2005, Lerici, Italy. [Slides, Handouts]

  • Presentations for the Master in Ecology

    • Communities ecology: Effects of species richness and species composition in multi-trophic chains [PDF].
    • Conservation biology: Flagships, umbrellas and keystones: Is single species management passé in the landscape era? [PDF]
    • Population dynamics: Causes and fitness consequences of natal dispersal in a population of Black Kites [PDF]
    • Population genetics: High genomic deleterious mutation rates in hominids [PDF]
    • Ecosystems modelling: Species diversity in communities [PDF]

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Teaching charges and students

See the teaching section of this website for details.

2009 —

Classes and labs for the Master of Oceanography of the University of Paris VI (>192h): statistics, modeling and ecological oceanography. See the detail of the modules.

2003 —

Classes and oral examinations for the “agrégation” (teachers exam) of the University Paris VI (20h): behavioural ecology. See a list of the subjects.

2003 — 2007

Responsible for the Biology classes of the multi-disciplinary bachelor’s degree of the University of Perpignan (92h). See the schedule and class material.

2003 — 2007

Examiner for oral examinations in the “agrégation” classes of the Universities of Montpellier II: theoretical and behavioural ecology. See a list of the subjects.

2003 — 2007

Lectures and numerical simulation labs. Inter-specific relationships and their evolution: theories and models. Biology Master, ENS Paris. Download the material for the class and labs.


Lecture. Modelling, hydrodynamics and larval exchanges. Teaching unit: Coral reefs, EPHE diploma (4h). Download the slides [PDF].



Advisor of Leïla Ezzat for an internship within her curriculum at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): Vertical distribution of fish larvae around Barbados. Following this work, she found another internship for her MSc degree in Nice and Monaco.


Advisor of Elise Lacoste for her Master’s thesis in Oceanography at the University Paris VI: Biophysical correlates in the mesoscale distribution of coral-reef fish larvae. She continued as a PhD candidate in French Polynesia.


Advisor of Erwan Delrieu-Trottin for his Master’s thesis in Oceanography at the University Paris VI: Small scale distribution of coral-reef fish larvae and zooplankton around an atoll. He continued as a PhD candidate with my former advisor, Serge Planes.


Advisor of Pierre Torrès for a Master’s internship at the University of Perpignan: Ecological importance of the vertical distribution of coral reef fish larvae. Grades: 16/20, best intern of that year

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Larval fish ecology and taxonomy
Jelle Atema (Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituation), Michael Kingsford (James Cook University), Jeffrey Leis (Australian Museum, Sidney), Philippe Koubbi (Observatoire de Villefranche)
Physical oceanography
Laurent Cherubin (RSMAS, Miami)
Ecological modelling and mathematics
Michel de Lara (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris), Christophe Lett (IRD)
Signal processing
Alexey Sukhovich (Brest University), Frédéric Ibañez (Observatoire de Villefranche)

Member of the SFE (Société Française d’Écologie) and of the ASLO (American Society of Limnology and Oceanography).

Reviewer for Aquatic biology, Coral Reefs, Ichthyological Research, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Nature, the National Geographic foundation and the french National Research Agency (ANR).

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Other abilities

French, English (fluent); German (good notions)
Systems: administrative knowledge of Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP
Programming languages: proficient in C, HTML/CSS, Fortran, BASH scripting; notions in Java
Numerical analysis: R, MATLAB, Scilab, Octave, XPPaut
Edition: LaTeX, Scribus, QuarkXPress
Image Handling: Inkscape, Gimp, Image J, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Field work
French driving license, CMAS ★★ scuba-diver.

Personal interests

I am fond of scuba and free diving; I like the sea in general and tropical areas in particular. More generally, I am interested in sports (rugby, mountain bike, etc.), photography and art, wine tasting, and traveling (USA, Moscow-Berlin-Amsterdam-Madrid for one month of photographic work, Austria, Switzerland and Italy on a bike, French Antilles, French Polynesia, etc.).

As for indoor hobbies, I am very interested in all things computer, in particular (web) design, typography, and image processing. I am a fervent supporter of open-source software and take an active part in the development of Inkscape and some R packages. I actually find coding very enjoyable. Yes, really ;)

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Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche

Station Zoologique, B.P. 28, Chemin du Lazaret, 06234 Villefranche-sur-Mer Cedex

irisson (at)
+33 (0)4 93 76 38 04

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