Family : Sapphirinidae

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Sapphirina intestinata (Giesbrecht, 1891)

Total length : 1.6 to 2.8 mm

How to recognize a Sapphirina female:

Using a binocular :

The body is dorso-ventrally very flattened.

A pair of cuticular lenses are present on the top of the head.

The furca is leaf-like.

Prosome is usually wider than urosome (female).

Using a microscope :

A2 is 4-segmented and forms a claw

P5 is small uniramous, 1-segmented, with 2 small setae.


How to differenciate S. intestinata from other Sapphirina

Using a binocular :

The head is wider than long.

The cuticular lenses are adjacent and visible dorsally.

The urosome is 6-segmented.

Furca twice as long as wide.

Using a microscope :

A1 is 5-segmented with second segment longer than the 3 following segments.

A2 second segment as long as the two following segments.

Small point at the distal inner margin of the furca.

Superficial setae of the furca in front of the first marginal setae.


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