Project Leaders :  Ph. PONDAVEN    (P. TREGUER,  J. LE FEVRE)

Gathering of data required for modelling of the primary production and the matter fluxes on a whole basin scale, considering the instance of the Southern Ocean wherein the ecological conditions are quite specific, with the primary production mainly resulting from the growth of siliceous algae, so that the carbon cycle is closely related to the silica cycle. Establishement of Antarfix, a permanent station.

(Informations from France-Jgofs Programme Flux Oceaniques : INSU-CNRS)



The "Institut Franšais pour la Recherche et la Technologie Polaires " helps and contributes in ANTARES cruises.


ANTARFIX a permanent station

The best way of studying the variations over one and several years consists in implementing a permanent station and observing changes in the physical characteristics of the water bodies, the currents, the particle flux at various depths, the chlorophyll content of waters. etc... Thanks to its subantarctic islands, at fixed stations provided with whole set of equipment for measuring the solar energy, located in the Indian Ocean, France is in a good position to implement such a station and to carry out regular visits of the moored instruments. This operation takes place by Kerguelen Islands.



ANTARES1 may 1993 Flux and processes at the water-sediment interface
ANTARES2 february 1994 Flux and processes in the euphotic layer and the water column
ANTARES3 november 1995 Flux and processes in the euphotic layer and the water column
ANTARES4 jan.- feb. 1999 subantarctic area