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The 8th international tunicate meeting

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The 8th international tunicate meeting

Participation du LBDV au 8th international tunicate meeting au Japon.
The 8th international tunicate meeting will be held July 13-17, 2015 at Aomori City Cultural Hall, Aomori, Japan. The International Tunicate Meeting is the major scientific gathering of tunicate researchers with diverse interests, expertizes and experiences in tunicate biology and its related field from around the world, and is regularly held biennially in Europe, North America or Japan. The meeting is organized with plenary sessions and poster sessions.

The meetings cover any aspect of tunicate research including, but not limited to, bio-informatics, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology and population diversity, evolution, genetics, genomics, immunity and allo-recoginition, invasive species, morphogenesis, neurobiology and physiology, and regeneration (alphabetically listed).


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