Séminaire externe LBDV le vendredi 23 juin à 11h00 (Salle Trégouboff)
"Early evolution of cnidarians: fossil evidence" par Xing Wang (Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon)

« Xing is a graduate student from China co-supervised by Jean Vannier in Lyon. He will show how fossils from China can tell us about the early history of cnidarians. There are two types of fosssil material. The Chengjiang biota (ca 520 Ma) contains a variety of soft-bodied animals (cnidarians, ctenophores) preserved as impressions on rocks. The Kuanchaunpu biota is older (ca 535 Ma) and contains small fossils preserved in 3D, including embryonic stages. »

photo copyright : http://www.fossilmuseum.net