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Nouvelles modalités de microscopie électronique 3D disponibles au CCMA

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Nouvelles modalités de microscopie électronique 3D disponibles au CCMA

Séminaire MICA (Microscopie Imagerie Côte d'Azur )

François ORANGE Centre Commun de Microscpie appliquée "Nouvelles modalités de microscopie électronique 3D disponibles au CCMA" Lundi 11 décembre à 11h Salle de séminaire de l’IBV Bâtiment Biochimie, Valrose

 New techniques for 3D electron microscopy available at the CCMA François Orange is working at the Centre Commun de Microscopie Appliquée (CCMA), the electron microscopy facility of the Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, located in the Valrose campus. He is currently implementing new techniques for 3D visualization of biological samples by electron microscopy. Recent years have seen major advances in volume electron microscopy (EM) techniques (such as serial block-face EM or focused ion beam). However, electron microscopists and scientists might be reluctant to use these techniques, since it is often considered as a complex approach, requiring expensive equipment. Serial sectioning scanning electron microscopy (ssSEM, also called Array Tomography) represents an excellent entry point into volume EM. A few dozens of ultrathin sections are collected on a substrate, and then imaged with SEM using backscattered electrons. While being less powerful than other volume EM techniques, it offers many advantages and flexibility. It is possible to obtain valuable data with relatively simple means, using existing equipment and with limited investment.

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